Al Hirah is dedicated to providing Premium Quality Refined Soybean Cooking Oil at Competitive Prices. We are Leading Exporter and Supplier of Refined Soybean Cooking Oil. We promise that the Soybean Oil, which we offer, is Processed using Superior Quality Raw Soybeans. Our Soybean Oil is Extracted from High Quality Golden Soybean Seeds and later Refined into a Pure form of Soybean Oil with the help of Sophisticated Centrifugal Separators powered by the Latest Technology. It is one of the most widely consumed Cooking Oils. Soybean Oil has little flavor, which is an advantage because it won’t interfere with the taste of the food. Soybean Oil is the most widely used Edible Oil in the World. Almost all Margarine and Shortenings contain Soybean Oil. It is also frequently used in Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, Frozen Foods, Imitation Dairy and Meat products and Commercially Baked goods.